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what we do


Paterson Sustainability's services support clients to enhance ESG performance. We inform investment decisions, advise on managing risk and develop capacity to create more valuable investee companies

What we do.

All our services are designed to help our clients meet international standards and include the development of ESG capacity and performance in developing economies as outlined below. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of ESG risks, constraints and opportunities in the countries in which we work; the expectations and requirements of international investors and experience of bringing international standards to our clients.

Advisory and mentoring services

We provide strategic advice to senior managers in our client organisations to manage complex technical challenges and respond to ESG questions from investors. We also support the day-to-day management of companies’ ESG performance by mentoring ESG officers and providing technical capacity to put in place good international industry practices. 

ESG due diligence and risk management

Our team has spent many years undertaking ESDDs against the IFC Performance Standards, across many geographies and in many sectors. We focus on pragmatic solutions that can be understood and implemented by investee companies. For us, the due diligence is the start of a process of enhancing ESG performance. We advise on processes to develop the partnership between investors and investees and build trust and create a shared vision.

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ESG value creation

We have in-depth knowledge of (and our team members have authored some) established and emerging ESG tools and guidelines designed to bring good international industry practices to companies operating in emerging markets. We have seen the benefit of creating capacity and adopting efficient ESG programmes to grow investible and impactful companies.

Impact and SDG reporting

We work with fund managers to develop their impact strategies and measure the material impacts throughout the lives of their investments. Measuring the contribution to achieving the SDGs and the ESG value created in companies is an important measure of the success of an investment. 

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Occupational health and safety

We are working with our clients to strengthen their health and safety culture. We undertake health and safety risk assessments, develop operating procedures and provide training to workers and site managers. We are also advising on COVID-19 risk assessments and operating procedures.

ESMS and operational procedures

We regularly prepare Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) for investment funds, banks and project companies. The systems we develop are based on our understanding of the nature and scale of the environmental and social risks, impacts and opportunities. We help our clients to ensure their ESMS is based on the material ESG risks and impacts of their business and an understanding of the interests of their stakeholders.

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Training and masterclasses

Each year we train hundreds of professionals across Asia. We provide bespoke in-house training to banks and private equity funds on implementing their ESMS, identifying and managing ESG risks, creating value in their portfolios and more. We regularly provide masterclasses on behalf of investors to their investees to develop awareness of their investors' priorities and share experiences with their peers.

ESIA management and review

For most greenfield projects, investors require an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) that meets both international standards and national regulatory requirements. We help our clients to manage the process, preparing Terms of Reference, reviewing consultants' reports, ensuring management plans are integrated into project design, construction processes and operations. We help to smooth the process and avoid delays in project approval. 

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Corporate governance

We believe enhanced environmental and social management relies on strong corporate governance processes. We can help funds to develop corporate governance management systems, undertake governance assessments and prepare action plans for companies.

Human rights and labour standards

Our clients often face challenges managing labour standards of contractors or in the supply chain. We help our companies to improve workers' accommodation and ensure contract workers know their rights and are appropriately paid for the work they do. 

Inclusion and diversity

Our clients understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the importance of ensuring their operations adopt appropriate practices to avoid gender-based harassment amongst their employees or with their host communities. We work with our clients to develop diversity and inclusion strategies, undertake risk assessments and adopt appropriate measures to address any issues.

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